Build your own pizzas and salads, try one of Chef Vernon’s Classic and Specialty recipes, or check out Chef Vernon’s Meatballs!

Specialty Pizzas

72 Blue

Buffalo Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, & Ranch Drizzle

Chicken Bacon Cheddar

Garlic and Olive Oil, Cheddar Cheese, Oven Roasted Chicken & Bacon

Chicken Bianca

Olive Oil & Garlic, Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Hot Peppers in Oil, Chicken Breast

Chicken Caprese

Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella, Oven-Roasted Chicken, Tomatoes & Balsamic Drizzle

Hawaiian Shirt Day

Pineapple, Bacon, Diced Red Onions, Shredded Mozzarella, Italian Tomato Sauce & BBQ Drizzle


Italian Tomato Sauce, fully loaded with Fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, & a Drizzle of Olive Oil

Pepperoni Lovers

Italian Tomato Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Pepperoni, and Pepperoni


Italian Tomato Sauce, Shredded Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Sausage, Red Onion, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms

Specialty pizza line up and topping selection varies by location! We are happy to make your favorite upon request.

Vernon's Creations

Chef Vernon Cesta has created these menu items using classic recipes and techniques.

Vernon's Meatballs

Two fresh Meatballs Slow Cooked in Vernon’s Classic Sauce, served with fresh Ricotta Cheese. Try them with Rise Hot Peppers in Oil, available upon request.

Hand Made Dough

We make our classic and whole wheat dough in store, every day. Chef Vernon’s blend of seasonings give our dough the perfect balance of flavor and texture. The perfect base for pizza perfection!

Rise Pies Sauces

Italian Tomato Sauce – made to Chef Vernon’s own recipe using the best Italian tomatoes.

Rise Hot Peppers in Oil

Hot peppers cut into rings and marinated in Chef Vernon’s blend of olive oil and classic Italian spices. Try them on a pizza, salad, or Vernon’s Meatballs.

Build Your Own

With so many ways to top your pizza, the possibilities are endless. If you’d like, use our premium toppings to create your perfect salad.

Build Your Own Pizza

Choose classic or gluten free dough (+), 4 sauces, 7 cheeses, and over 25 premium toppings

Build Your Own Salad

Choose Romaine Lettuce, or Fresh Spinach, 8 cheeses, over 25 premium toppings, and 7 ways to dress your salad.

Our Fresh Ingredients


Classic • Gluten-Free (+)


Italian Tomato • Pesto • Garlic & Olive Oil • Balsamic Glaze


Shredded Mozzarella • Fresh Mozzarella • Ricotta • Cheddar • Feta • Shaved Parmigiano • Vegan (+)

Protein Toppings

Bacon • Italian Sausage • Meatballs • Pepperoni • Roasted All Natural Chicken Breast

Vegetable Toppings

Banana Peppers • Fresh Basil • Bell Peppers • Black Olives • Caramelized Onions • Chopped Garlic • Diced Tomatoes • Kalamata Olives • Mushrooms • Rise Hot Peppers in Oil • Roasted Broccoli • Roasted Garlic • Roasted Red Peppers • Roasted Zucchini • Red Onions • Spinach • (toppings may vary by location)


Black Pepper • Oregano • Sea Salt • Red Pepper Flakes

Salad Dressing

Balsamic Glaze • BBQ Sauce • Blue Cheese • Buffalo Sauce • Caesar • Olive Oil • Ranch

(+) denotes an up-charge | topping availability varies by location | we make every effort to isolate gluten free products, but cross contamination is possible. the range of tolerance or reactions to the presence of food allergens varies greatly from person to person. decisions on the amount of precautions you should take or risks you may expose yourself to, are always best made by you in consultation with your physician.