The Rise Pies Story

Pizza perfection in 160 seconds. Rise Pies was created with two simple goals. First, we create top quality pizzas using fresh ingredients and home-made recipes. Then we bake it and serve it fresh and piping hot from our 600 degree WoodStone ovens.

Rise Pies found great inspiration in our hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. Youngstown’s vibrant Italian-American community has paved the way for many classic, old world style pizzas. This includes everything from thick and chewy sheet pizzas made in grandma’s kitchen to the authentic Brier Hill pizza from the community of the same name.

Rise Pies has embraced that tradition of handmade pizzas in the classic, thin-crust Neapolitan style. Every morning we make our dough and sauce from scratch. We roast our own chicken and veggies. Some call it the hard way, but at Rise Pies, it’s the only way to create pizza perfection.

Our chef-inspired creations offer something for every pizza lover. Traditionalists will enjoy the simplicity of our Margherita, while adventurous eaters will love the Hawaiian Shirt Day. And if you’re hungry, go for a meaty Da Bears. But it doesn’t stop there. With 3 doughs, 8 sauces, 8 cheeses, and over 25 premium toppings, there are thousands of possible pizza combinations for you to create yourself! Come in and experiment, try new combinations, and recreate an old favorite. After all, pizza should be fun!

We thank you for visiting Rise Pies. Knead it, bake it, love it!

Chef Vernon Cesta

To create our vision of Youngstown pizza, there was no better chef to bring on board than Chef Vernon Cesta. Vernon is the creator of two renowned Youngstown area restaurants. Vernon’s Café located in Niles, OH serves Vernon’s unique Italian-American cuisine with a Youngstown twist. V2 Wine Bar Trattoria has served as a beacon in the revitalization of downtown Youngstown, serving incredible small plates, burgers, and of course, handmade pizzas.

Vernon brings his expertise to Rise Pies recipes. Every morning we create his classic and wheat doughs, Italian tomato sauce, and Rise Hot Peppers in Oil. Vernon’s Meatballs are created from his 100% beef recipe, served covered in homemade sauce and topped with fresh ricotta. Vernon also created our Specialty pizza recipes, featuring Youngstown classics, his own unique creations such as the South Side, and his name-sake, the Vernon, topped with his famous meatballs and fresh ricotta.

Father and Son

Rise Pies was founded by Ed and Eddie Muransky. While exploring opportunities for a new dining experience, Ed and Eddie just couldn’t help shake the feeling that their hometown of Youngstown, Ohio had a lot to offer. What better way to bring Youngstown to the country than on a piping hot, fresh slice of pizza?

The father-son duo teamed up with Chef Vernon Cesta to create pizzas that are uniquely Youngstown using the freshest, highest quality ingredients. They worked tirelessly to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that included a magnificent pizza oven as the centerpiece, allowing guests to watch their pizzas bake in only 160 seconds.

Eddie made sure to include some tributes to his dad on our menu. 72 Blue calls back to Ed’s days as an All-American offensive tackle for the Michigan Wolverines. It was during the 1979 Lawry’s Beef Bowl that Ed Muransky set the all-time record, eating 8 pounds of prime rib! So when you want a pizza loaded with toppings, order the Big Ed!