April 10, 2015

Online Ordering Comes to Rise Pies

Now you can order your favorite Rise Pies pizza from the comfort of your own computer! Choose any of our classic and specialty pizzas, or recreate that awesome pizza combination you order every time you visit us. You can order to pick up as soon as possible, or schedule your order to be picked up later today. You can even order for an entire group, and everyone pays for their own pizza on their own credit card.

If you have an iPhone or Android device, you can also order from the Rise Pies app!

Click here to download for iPhone.

Click here to download for Android.

And finally, if you’re feeling social you can even order from our Facebook page.

When you place your order, we’ll hand craft your pizza just the way you asked. When you arrive for pickup, head straight to the register, and we’ll freshly bake your pizza for you. Don’t worry. It only takes 160 seconds!

Click Here to Order Pizza Perfection Now!

April 10, 2015