Rise PiesIn 2013, Ed Muransky and his son, Eddie, were looking to launch a new spin on pizza. Drawing inspiration from the phenomenal pizzas born from their hometown of Youngstown, OH, Ed and Eddie teamed up with renowned chef Vernon Cesta. Vernon is the Owner and Executive Chef at Vernon’s Cafe, an Italian Bistro in Niles, Ohio that has enjoyed over 19 years of success, and V2, a Trattoria and Wine Bar which opened in 2011 and has been a key presence in the revitalization of Downtown Youngstown, Ohio.

Together they set out to create pizzas that were uniquely Youngstown using the freshest, highest quality ingredients and prepared quickly so that everyone could enjoy their own perfect pie. From this vision, Rise Pies was born.

Rise Pies has an unwavering commitment to quality. That’s why we make our dough and sauce freshly and in-house every day. Our produce is fresh and locally sourced. Each morning, we season and oven roast all-natural chicken breast. These incredible ingredients come together to create an incredible dining experience.

Chef Vernon has created a line of both classic and specialty pizzas, from classic Margherita pizzas to “The Grandma,” our tribute to the classic Briar Hill pizzas of Youngstown. And of course, you can make it your own by choosing from 3 different doughs, 6 different sauces, 8 different cheeses, and 23 different toppings to create your own unique pizza. In addition to our pizzas, you can also mix our primo toppings to create your own salad. And no meal is complete without Chef Vernon’s Famous Meatballs with Ricotta, Hot Peppers in Oil, or a unique drink from our wide selection of bottled and fountain beverages.

Finally, enjoy the views as we bake your pizza in our WoodStone Oven at a blistering 600 degrees! This classic cooking technique creates pizza perfection in 160 seconds. Our thin, Neapolitan style pizzas have a crisp crust covered in melty cheese and those amazing toppings.

Rise Pies. Knead it. Bake it. Love it.